Musical Hand Bells

Let kids make music with a set of handbells!

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Schylling Musical Hand Bells Ring-a-ding-ding!

Bells are such a great way for kids to learn more about music.  They are easy to use and such fun!  This is a great starter set of hand bells.

Each of the eight colorful metal bells plays a different musical tone.

To play the bells, one child can play, or a group can learn to play together, with each child having one bell.

These bells have easy-to-grip plastic handles and the musical notes indicated on each so it’s easy to tell which is which.  The colors help too, as the child learns what color bell makes which note.

On-key bells create beautiful melodies by young percussionists.

Best of all, kids can play with confidence as they develop rhythm and melody. Why You’ll Love It: The notes (affixed to handle tops) make it easy to line up the bells and ring out a song.

Features Multicolored metal bells with plastic handles Markers on each bell to indicate tone.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up

Musical hand bells also help improve a child’s memory!

Comparing sets of musical hand bells. . .

Bells come in different sizes, and have a different number of bells and notes in these sets.  Here’s a chart to allow you to compare three set of handbells side by side, and see what is best for you and your child.

Title Musical Hand Bells Kids Play 13-Note Chromatic Handbells Rhythm Band 20-Note Hand/Desk Bell Set
Brand Schylling Kids Play Rhythm Band
Feature set of 8 hand bells
great fun while encouraging music
Special design reduces double ringing when used as hand bells. Unique double-function designExtremely durablePerfect intonationNote names and numbers on each bell
Price $29.56 $69.99 $129.99
Height 5 inch 12 inch 10 inch
ManufacturerMinimumAge 36 months
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