LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553
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LEGO City Advent Calendar 7553

Countdown to Christmas

in LEGO City!


Make the countdown to Christmas fly by with the LEGO City Advent Calendar now.

Every day a new adventure awaits, including policemen in a mini police car and robbers making a slippery escape on snowmobiles!

Even Santa Claus joins in the fun.

This is a just right addition to your existing LEGO sets and a great way to kick off the buildable holiday fun this year.

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What’s in the LEGO City Advent Calendar box?

It Features 24 different LEGO City gifts.

And it includes 6 minifigures -2 policemen, 2 robbers, fisherman and Santa Claus Vehicles.

Also, 2 snowmobiles Build larger models with the LEGO bricks from 3 different gift days!

Also features a police dog and Christmas tree

Recommended for Ages 5-12 years old

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LEGO Advent Calendar Sets Compared

Here are three of the most popular LEGO Advent sets compared so you can see the different features and prices.

TitleLEGO City Advent Calendar 7553LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (7958)LEGO Kingdoms Exclusive Set #7952 2010 Advent Calendar
Feature24 days of fun with the LEGO City Advent Calendar
Gifts include 6 minifigures (2 police men, 2 robbers, 1 fisher and 1 Santa Claus)
Build larger models using bricks from three different gift days
Includes 2 cool snowmobiles, a police dog, a Christmas tree, a mini police station and much more
Galactic festive fun with the LEGO® Star Wars advent calendar
Open a window every day to reveal 24 different LEGO Star Wars-themed gifts
Features 8 minifigures including Yoda in Santa Claus outfit
Also includes mini Millennium Falcon? and X-wing Starfighter?
266 pieces
Lego Advent Caledar #7952
Kingdoms Version
Brand new for 2010
Limited Edition
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